Thursday, March 27, 2008

Remembering Omaha

It may be a little bit too self-referential to talk about music blogs on a music-ish blog. When I was leaving Omaha, I knew I needed to throw a going away party, but smarty-pants Actionchrist decided to pack and send away all of his music. The afternoon of the party to end all parties was spent digging through music blogs trying to come up with a few hours of fun party music.

While I'm not sure if the music was fun, killing the liquor cabinet made the party a beautiful success (albeit a bit violent). Here is a highlight of what it was like to party with me at the end of my Midwest tenure. Do a couple random shots, and have a listen.


owl e. said...

i like that you referred to yourself in the third person.

actionchrist said...

First person and third person in the same sentence, too. How do you like that!